FIFA Uncovered Documentary Review, A World Cup Scandal

What FIFA Uncovered is all about without completely ruining the show

Every four years, the world gathers around to enjoy the World Cup. The organization running this soccer tournament isn’t the cleanest. FIFA Uncovered does exactly what the title of this documentary claims it will. It uncovers FIFA, strips it naked, and reminds sports fans in the United States there are much better sports out there. The MLB Steroid Era seemed to have more class than FIFA has over the last 40+ years.

Did you know anything about the FIFA Uncovered story before watching?

Other than being aware that FIFA was a corrupt organization, most of the specifics about how awful they are was brand new. Soccer is not a sport I follow. The biggest twist of all from this documentary was learning that the man in charge for many of the corrupt recent years is named Sepp Blatter and not Seth Bladder. I can’t be the only person who thought this.

Will FIFA Uncovered make people feel uncomfortable?

There are some evil undertones to FIFA Uncovered. They partnered up with some terrible dictatorships and nations who didn’t bat an eyelash at violating human rights. FIFA Uncovered doesn’t dive too deeply into the human rights violations related to the organization and its corruption. Instead, this is a documentary more about the white collar crimes committed.

You won’t find much blood, guts, or gore in this documentary. This is a story of corruption. The deaths caused by it are glossed over.

What was good about FIFA Uncovered?

FIFA Uncovered doesn’t pull any punches. It seems to show an honest portrayal of the organization and all of the shady figures at the top. Sometimes a documentary on the attack with a strong bias doesn’t work. In this instance, there doesn’t seem to be much the guilty parties can claim to save themselves.

Assuming everything uncovered in FIFA Uncovered is fully true, they did a fine job annihilating the organization. Unfortunately, it’s about all this documentary does well.

What could have made FIFA Uncovered better?

Honestly, I was bored very quickly with this one. Is it my hatred of soccer? I wouldn’t say so. FIFA Uncovered felt like a spinning wheel jumping from one corrupt person to the other. It was difficult to keep track of everyone, too. Remembering who did what made things confusing at times. Perhaps if I was more familiar with the story in advance it wouldn’t have been as difficult to keep track of who in the FIFA hierarchy was the worst.

What I really didn’t like about FIFA Uncovered was how not fun it was. Documentaries like this should have a fun element to it. The sports documentary Screwball was an over-the-top example of how you can make sports corruption fun. I wasn’t expecting this one to be nearly as silly. There could have been a little more humor or lightheartedness sprinkled in at times.

FIFA Uncovered is a 0-0 draw. It’s as boring as a soccer match. Sports documentaries covering any kind of crime or bad happenings usually get bonus points from me immediately. This one dragged on.

It would have been far more interesting to go more into how FIFA has been involved with nations like Qatar, Russia, and Argentina. A more devilish look behind the curtain would have made this an exceptional documentary. It settles for mentioning how money was stolen and who took bribes.

Is FIFA Uncovered worth watching?

I’m not sure who the FIFA Uncovered documentary would be for. If you love soccer, you would probably want to ignore all of the corruption anyway. If you’re not a soccer fan, this is going to bore you. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Only soccer fans who are looking for a reason to abandon the sport might find this enjoyable.

Overall Score: 2 out of 10

FIFA Uncovered gets a 2 out of 10. It’s well-made but a sleeping pill.

Interested in watching FIFA Uncovered or learning more about the case? Below you will find affiliate links to the series as well as other information about this case. By using this links, I may receive a small commission of any purchase you may make.

Watch FIFA Uncovered on Netflix

The Fall of the House of FIFA by David Conn

Watch The Men Who Sold the World Cup on Amazon

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