The Tetris Murders True Crime Documentary Review, Deadly Blocks and the Russian Mafia

What The Tetris Murders is all about without spoiling the show

The Tetris Murders covers the story of a Russian immigrant, Vladimir Pokhilko, who was involved in the creation of the video game Tetris. Years later, he allegedly killed his wife and young son while taking his own life. The problem is that much of the evidence suggests the scene was staged. Why would he even commit this crime and do so with such brutal force? The questions don’t line up with the answers previously given. The FBI is involved and a bunch of rabbit holes are opened.

The deeper the investigators dig, the more they see ties to the Russian mafia. The history of Tetris is more than just blocks randomly dropping from the sky. They even make a connection to the father of Ghislaine Maxwell and the death of her father, tycoon Robert Maxwell. He has his own mysterious death and one theory has to do with him profiting off of Tetris. Who knew this was such a deadly game?

Did you know anything about The Tetris Murders story before watching?

The Tetris Murders case was brand new to me. It stands out because of the connection to the game we’ve all played to kill time. It has very little to do with the actual game of Tetris. The game is just a catalyst for what might have sparked the murders. It would almost be like calling Two Shallow Graves the Water Fountain Killings.

Will The Tetris Murders make people feel uncomfortable?

A potential family annihilator in a murder-suicide is gruesome. Equally as awful is how this poor family may have been killed so horrifically by professionals. Whatever you believe, three people died in pain. The greater your imagination, the more this could make you feel uncomfortable. You won’t see too many graphic images, but the way the family was killed is enough to make this unsafe for some viewers.

What was good about The Tetris Murders?

The Tetris Murders has the same feel as many of the other true crime documentaries being made these days like Two Shallow Graves or The Murdaugh Murders. It’s dark, a bit newsish, and has the perspective of many different people involved in the original case.

A good true crime documentary will go into corners you didn’t expect. This one seemed to focus far more on the Russian connection than whether or not this was a basic murder-suicide. We get a nice combination of crime and conspiracy. It mixed well. I was entertained.

What could have made The Tetris Murders better?

There were certain parts that felt staged. One of the investigators leads the storytelling. In many of the scenes, particularly with people she worked with in the past, it feels scripted. There is a part near the end where they gather together to talk. It may have required a few takes to get it right. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel as real as other parts of the documentary. This all felt too forced.

The Tetris Murders does come across as a conspiracy theory documentary for a good portion. I don’t mind these types of programs. In this case, I was hoping for more evidence. It may have been a rabbit hole the filmmakers didn’t want to go down. I can’t blame them. Many of the witness had their voices altered. That wasn’t Elizabeth Holmes who was at the crime scene although the creator of Theranos could certainly have a second career doing voiceovers for people who would like to remain anonymous. Just a thought.

Is The Tetris Murders worth watching?

When I start a true crime documentary these days, I quickly add points or subtract them. Knowing I’ll write about them later on, they either have to win me back or start losing points.

The Tetris Murders stayed strong throughout but failed to have a deeper connection with me. It was done well yet seemed incomplete. I would recommend it as long as you’re okay without having a conclusion. They go in a circle and end up right to where we were at the start.

Overall Score: 6 out of 10

I have no regrets watching The Tetris Murders. One more episode and a lot more evidence instead of speculation would have made this a better true crime documentary. Until then, we’ll await the tale about a homicide involving Minesweeper.

Interested in watching The Tetris Murders or learning more about the case? Below you will find affiliate links to the series as well as other information about this case. By using this links, I may receive a small commission of any purchase you may make.

Watch The Tetris Murders on Amazon

My Life in Moscow: Vodka, Hookers, and the Russian Mafia by Joe Serio

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