Serial Killer Candidates Season 2 of Monster Shouldn’t Focus On

Season one of Ryan Murphy’s show Monster took a scripted look at the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer. There will be a second season. With Dahmer already getting his head bashed in, Murphy will need to look somewhere else.

The first season did feature scenes with Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy. Gein might be interesting, but Gacy has been portrayed and covered so often that making a whole new series devoted to him would feel like a waste.

It’s Gacy and these other serial killers season two of Monster should stray away from.

Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Monster should not be another Ted Bundy story

Spare me more Ted Bundy content. We get it. He’s charming and maybe handsome for a serial killer. We don’t need more information about him. Zac Efron already portrayed him in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile not too long ago. Let’s give the audience on Netflix something new.

Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Monster should not be a Richard Ramirez show

Netflix already did a pretty awesome Richard Ramirez documentary. We don’t really need a scripted re-telling of the story. I kind of fear this is where they will go with it. Ramirez is someone who fits closely with the Dahmer-model from season one.

Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Monster should stay away from everyone in Mindhunter

Mindhunter was a brilliant show from David Fincher that lasted only two seasons but could have gone on a lot longer. The show took a look at many famous serial killers with one of the best performances coming from the actor who portrayed Ed Kemper. Anything short of asking Cameron Britton to reprise the role would be underwhelming. Mindhunter did have a scene with Charles Manson, too. He might be the absolute worst person for Murphy to tackle in season two of Monster. Give us something original.

Stay tuned for a list of serial killers I think would make good candidates for season two.

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