Serial Killer Candidates Season 2 of Monster Should Focus On

There will be a season two of Ryan Murphy’s show Monster. Season one focused on the notorious boogeyman, Jeffrey Dahmer. Season two’s main subject has yet to be named but there are plenty of candidates out.

Unfortunately, serial killers walk among us. Our fascination with them, in documentary or scripted biography format, only seems to increase. I’m guilty of it, too. In something like Monster, they will probably need to stay away from a person like Dean Corll. I can’t imagine how they could possibly cover him without upsetting everyone. His crimes are some of the most sickening.

For the purposes of entertainment and seeing something new, season two of Monster shouldn’t include the same names we’ve seen portrayed countless times. Who will Murphy pick as his subject matter this time? I have a couple of candidates.

Season 2 of Monster could focus on Joseph DeAngelo for a much different take

If Murphy is looking to go in a somewhat different direction, profiling Joseph DeAngelo in season two of Monster is one thing to do. DeAngelo had countless nicknames during his reign of terror in California. Maybe best known as the Golden State Killer, there isn’t any scripted version of his crimes since he has been caught that I’m aware of. It might be better to stay away from him, however, to avoid giving the man any more satisfaction while still alive.

Season 2 of Monster could take a look at the lesser known yet equally evil Israel Keyes

Israel Keyes might not draw viewers in like the name Dahmer. He’s one of the more fascinating serial killers out there. His murders were all planned meticulously. His alleged friendship with another evil person that isn’t so well known, Chevie Kehoe, could also tie-in with the story. The problem with a scripted show about Keyes is he killed himself while in prison. Much of what he did might have to be fictionalized.

Season 2 of Monster could profile the cold-blooded killer Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy Lynn Sells is a notorious serial killer whose name I didn’t know until I started following true crime podcasts and shows a little more closely. He traveled around the country as a drifter, killing people in the process. The trouble with making a show about him is that Sells had a tendency to confess to crimes he didn’t commit. If Murphy wants as true-to-life content as he can find, we’ll need someone a bit more honest. Henry Lee Lucas certainly doesn’t make that list.

Season 2 of Monster could be about Samuel Little and Gary Ridgway

Two criminals with a similar modus operandi, Samuel Little and Gary Ridgway terrorized sex workers. Many of their victims were women of color. Because a large message in Dahmer was to show how the murders of homosexuals and African-American men were overlooked, it would make sense for Murphy to choose one or both of these serial killers. It’s unfortunate that their M.O. seemed to allow them to roam free due to ignorance and a lack of compassion from people who could have done more to stop them.

Who would you like to see become the subject in Season 2 of Monster? My prediction is we get The Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo if he dies soon. His crimes spanned multiple decades and the way he was eventually caught makes for wonderful storytelling. Otherwise, Murphy should save it until he croaks.

A series focused on The Green River Killer, Ridgway, with links to Little could also work. Please just don’t give us any of the familiar names we’ve seen so many times before.

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