Untold: Crimes and Penalties Review, The Mafia and Minor League Hockey

What Untold: Crimes and Penalties is all about without ruining the show

The Untold Series is pretty consistent in putting together documentaries of the nefarious nature from the sports world. In Untold: Crimes and Penalties, we get the story of an alleged mobster who buys his 17-year-old son a minor league hockey team, the Dansbury Trashers. What could go wrong?

Did you know anything about Untold: Crimes and Penalties before watching?

How did this news story slip my existence? Minor league hockey games were something I attended plenty during the time when this was happening. I had a dream of owning a minor league hockey team. I would have probably done exactly what the kid ended up doing, too. It was all brand new to me. Which adult shielded me from this amazing tale?

Will Untold: Crimes and Penalties make people feel uncomfortable?

The only crimes in this documentary are a father and son in the mafia having too much fun. Well, there’s also money-laundering and a few other things going on. I’m sure a vice was used in a back room once or twice as well. From what the documentary reveals, however, it’s rather tame. There is some bad language throughout. These are the real life Sopranos. What the fuck would you expect?

What was good about Untold: Crimes and Penalties?

As someone who was a pretty avid hockey fan around this time period, I dug into my seat for this one. Like I said, the Untold series is consistent. Even when the sport isn’t one of my favorites, I’ll give it a shot.

Crimes and Penalties works because we get interviews with everyone involved. The mafia boss, the son who ran the team, many of the players, and everyone else involved sit down in front of the camera and tell the story honestly. A few questions aren’t answered. It can be expected from people who prefer tight lips.

What could have made Untold: Crimes and Penalties better?

The core elements needed for a good documentary involving crimes where no one is killed are all hit in this documentary. This is more fun than some of the other Untold documentaries I have watched. It doesn’t have the sorrow of the Manti Te’o one or the anger of the Malice at the Palace.

The only thing I would have liked from this documentary is more. Colorful characters are featured. I think a larger tell-all could have worked, too. Minor league hockey can be slightly niche so I’ll defer to the directors and offer no criticism. They made it as good as they could without getting buried in a Las Vegas desert.

Is Untold: Crimes and Penalties worth watching?

As long as you like sports or the mafia, you’ll find something to enjoy with Untold: Crimes and Penalties. If that’s not you, all you’ll need is a sense of humor. The interviews with the hockey players, particularly the two goon brothers, are hilarious. This story is Slapshot come to life.

Overall Score: 9 out of 10

Untold hasn’t missed yet from the series I’ve seen. They were wise to not take themselves too seriously with this one. Bravo.

Interested in watching Untold: Crimes and Penalties or learning more about the case? Below you will find affiliate links to the series as well as other information about this case. By using this links, I may receive a small commission of any purchase you may make.

Watch Untold: Crimes and Penalties on Netflix

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