The Best True Crime Documentary on Each Streaming Service

Where is the best place to watch a true crime documentary? On a comfy couch with a loved one of course!

But seriously. I spent way too much time searching for the perfect true crime documentary to get me through the day. Most of my watching takes place while I work so anything foreign language is usually off the table. I have watched a couple foreign language true crime films or series but finding the time isn’t always easy.

This isn’t about me and my poor time management. It’s about naming the best true crime documentary on each of the major streaming services. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen everything. So if something is missing, that could be why. I also have never had a subscription to Peacock because I feel they have a weak collection of programming outside of The Office.

Best True Crime Documentary on Netflix – The Staircase

The Staircase was an immediate hit when it made its way onto Netflix. I never understood why until I watched it. It’s an opera. It sounds so incredibly boring and yet it’s ridiculously compelling. Michael Peterson’s guilt or innocence is something I still question.

Honorable Mention: The Keepers

Best True Crime Documentary on HBO Max – Paradise Lost Trilogy

The GOAT of true crime documentaries is the Paradise Lost Trilogy. All three films need to be watched together to really appreciate the story. It feels so ridiculously cliche to speak so highly of these films because it’s not exactly a hot take to love them so much. It doesn’t get any better than these films.

Honorable Mention: Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

Best True Crime Documentary on Amazon – Two Shallow Graves

Because Amazon features a lot of different channels, it’s often the place I land on for true crime documentaries. My favorite there is Two Shallow Graves. This was one I discovered earlier on in my binge-watching of crime series. It has stuck with me and maybe for the same reason as The Staircase and Paradise Lost has. There are a lot of unanswered questions in the end even with the case closed.

Honorable Mention: No One Saw A Thing

Best True Crime Documentary on Hulu – Eh, there isn’t anything great

I actually went through a list of the best true crime documentaries on Hulu and none of the couple dozen rank that highly for me. Honestly, I’ve watched a couple there and have forgotten a lot of what happened. The Most Dangerous Animal of All and A Wilderness of Error are two examples of series I liked but couldn’t recall much about. Hulu has a lot of good true crime documentaries. It lacks any truly fantastic ones. Still Missing Morgan is good but it’s not up there with other GOATs.

Honorable Mention: Binge-watching 20/20

Best True Crime Documentary on Apple TV+ – Are you joking?

Apple TV+ is a lousy streaming service in general. You could watch everything available in a week if you tried. They don’t have any true crime documentaries. Neither does Disney+ but that’s understandable. Apple TV+ is missing out.

Honorable Mention: Saving your money and paying for a month of anything on Amazon

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