True Crime Documentary Two Worlds Colliding is an Incomplete Film, Here’s an Incomplete Review

It was probably the release and popularity of Making A Murderer which created the true crime documentary BOOM! We can credit streaming services for continuing it. The availability to go back and watch old documentaries made with blood, sweat, and tears was easier. What’s more, anyone with a camera and a police file could film one.

That’s kind of how I feel about Two Worlds Colliding. This is a documentary about police in Canada accused of picking up Indigenous people and dropping them off in the middle of nowhere during the harsh winter. With a run time of less than an hour, I knew exactly what I was getting into. The fact that it is already almost 20 years old was another hint.

Two Worlds Colliding is an example of an incomplete documentary

The story in Two Worlds Colliding is a good one. Several men have either been found dead in below zero temperatures in Saskatoon. A survivor claims two police officers are the ones who picked him up for no reason and then made him exit the car.

The poor treatment of their Indigenous people is something Canadian history would like to forget. In another more recent true crime documentary I watched, Murder in Big Horn, we see how this is a prevalent problem in the United States, too.

Writing about Two Worlds Colliding is hardly worth it. Giving this barely-feature film a complete autopsy would be a waste of tax payer money. I’m not even going to bother scoring it because it was as unfinished as I expected.

Made with a low-budget, subpar narration, and only surface wounds of the case, it served as yet another reminder of how lucky we are that the genre has improved so much in recent years even if 2022 wasn’t great.

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