9/11: The Fifth Plane Documentary Review, A New Conspiracy to Wrap Our Heads Around

I love a good conspiracy theory. Convincing me it’s true is another ordeal. In 9/11: The Fifth Plane we’re presented with the brief story of how one plane may have been a fifth target on September 11.

This is a very short documentary and quite frankly, I don’t think it deserves a full-scale review like I’ll normally do. It was more of a brief episode of a larger show. Presented by TMZ, this is a buzzy documentary that didn’t go to the levels of MH370: The Plane That Disappeared but capture my attention just as much.

Why 9/11: The Fifth Plane is a documentary worth watching

This was actually the second of two 9/11 documentaries I watched on this day. After watching An Eye for an Eye on Amazon, I headed over to Hulu to continue watching the true crime television show from Canada, Crime Beat. Eager to get angry about how Canada just loves to give light sentences to child murderers (sarcasm), I saw they had a new program called 9/11: The Fifth Plane. It was calling to me. This was destiny.

The story is pretty simple. We hear from different crew members on the flight out of JFK and the suspicious passengers on board. The documentary runs about 40 minutes so we only hear what should’ve been the basis behind the investigation. Unfortunately, this isn’t a big web. This is just a light sting of intrigue.

If true, this might be the biggest part of 9/11 no one has really discussed. Four planes were known to have been hijacked. After watching this documentary, you might be convinced the plot on 9/11 included at least one more aircraft.

By chance and a crew member’s insistence that the terrorists get some food for their flight, further disaster is avoided. I would’ve loved for this documentary to at least extend to a good hour and a half runtime if not more. Instead, I’ll settle with what I get.

I hate to give this any sort of score because it felt so incomplete. But I’ll leave you with an answer to the most important question: is this worth 40 minutes of your time?

Absolutely, yes.

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