Missing 411: The Hunted Review, A Twist No One Saw Coming

After all of the documentaries I’ve watched, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can usually tell from the premise which types I’ll really like. There needs to be some sort of an unsolved factor to it. Even if we get someone behind bars, it’s the doubt that will keep me interested in a case long after I’ve finished watching.

Missing 411: The Hunted is a unique documentary. It covers the cases of multiple hunters who disappeared without a trace in the United States. For the first three-fourths or so of the documentary, we’re under the impression that they seem to be easy targets for killers or maybe incredibly accident prone. In the last act, a twist no one saw coming occurs.

Spoiling the twist in Missing 411: The Hunted

You’ve been warned. Unless you want to have this twist spoiled, stop reading.

Missing 411: The Hunted is not a true crime documentary. I’m not even quite sure it is a documentary because of how outlandishly crazy it becomes. At one point in this documentary, we go from simple missing persons cases to alien abductions.

Suddenly, after devoting more than an hour to wondering how all of these hunters could disappear, we get our answer. The freakin’ aliens did it. Giorgio Tsoukalos (it’s sad that I can spell his name on the first try) should’ve popped up on the screen at this reveal.

People familiar with the Missing 411 series, a select group of people that doesn’t include me, may not have been nearly as surprised to see this twist. They go full on Predator mode. The suggestion is that these aliens can turn invisible. I’ve watched enough weird documentaries to know this has become a big theory for believers in Big Foot. He’s no longer a missing link. He’s a shape-shifting invisible cloak wearing Yeti from another planet.

Missing 411: The Hunted presents itself with sincerity. The tone makes it hard to read. Are they serious or have I been Punk’d?

Expecting one type of documentary and getting another might usually make someone mad. I enjoy a good cryptozoology tale. Although caught with my pants around my ankles, I kind of dug this twist. It made the documentary far more memorable in the end.

Overall Score: 7 out of 10

As fun as this twist was, and I had a blast, couldn’t they have made it known from the start what it was about? There aren’t any other explanations other than the simple “he was murdered” or “a mountain lion got him” presented. Aliens are always the simplest explanation for anything we cannot explain.

I’m still not positive Missing 411: The Hunted is authentic. It’s the From Dusk Til Dawn of documentaries. You think you’re getting one thing and then suddenly Salma Hayek is a vampire.

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