True Crime Documentary Series The Lesson in Murder Review, Bryanna Fox and Her Uninteresting Students

Hulu has a new true crime documentary series called The Lesson in Murder. Three episodes have been released and I’m curious if there will be more.

This is a true crime documentary series starring Bryanna Fox, a criminologist and former FBI agent who has decided to educate a new generation of future crime solvers. With her crack team of 20-somethings, they interview three different murderers in these episodes. One is a serial killing nurse, another a man who murdered his wife, and the third is a woman behind bars for her participation in the killing of two men.

The documentary definitely has legs to go places. Is it worth watching?

What was good about The Lesson in Murder

We have three very different stories and the way it is told works. I like a good series going into the psychology behind things. Signs of a Psychopath over on Amazon was actually a surprisingly delightful yet simple series I watched a few months ago.

The Lesson in Murder is all about trying to figure out why these murders were committed straight from the source: the killer. It’s certainly interesting to see them try to coerce confessions and the way the murderers behave while either insisting their innocence or justifications for the killings. It varies in each episode.

This docu-series was pretty much what I expected and that’s always a good sign. Was it perfect? Not quite.

What The Lesson in Murder could do to improve

If there are more episodes, whether now or in the future, being a little less cringy could work. The way they present the students as an “analyst” and “skeptic” and everything else is uncomfortably cheesy. The students aren’t nearly interesting enough to have labels like these. I think only Bryanna Fox needs to be profiled with the students letting their personalities shine without being shoehorned into one role.

Parts of the episodes definitely felt a little incomplete. There is no real conclusion at the end other than information we could have already assumed. It seemed more like they were trying to find more evidence of some pretty obvious facts.

I think The Lesson in Murder premise might actually work best covering one single case with a result. I do like that we learn about different crimes in each episode, however, the takeaway at the end seemed to bring us back to the beginning. Nothing was solved or discovered worth remembering.

Is The Lesson in Murder worth watching?

I’d recommend it. If you can get past the cheese and the somewhat forced interactions at times, you’ll enjoy it. They don’t seem to fake moments like they did in The Killing Fields but unlike that docuseries from a few years ago, the people in The Lesson in Murder aren’t all that interesting. There is no repertoire shown here between the students or the students and teacher. It felt like a missed opportunity.

Overall Score: 7 out of 10

I’ll continue to watch if new episodes become available. I think the premise misses in some major aspects. It’s still far from one of the worst documentaries I’ve seen about true crime.

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