The Castration Cure Documentary Review, Say Goodbye to Your Little Friends

You can get through this documentary in less than an hour if no one interrupts you and your bladder is empty. The Castration Cure is a documentary about a possible “solution” for pedophiles behind bars: removing their testicles.

Narrated by a British man, you’ll feel like you’re watching an old-school documentary you might see in class. The biggest difference is you won’t see a testicle cut out of a scrotum in any high school movie. Yep. They actually show it in this film.

But was it good? Is this worth your 50 minutes or so?

What was good about The Castration Cure

Direct and to the point, I enjoyed the premise of this even if it had me turning away at certain points. This is a very triggering film especially because it tries to almost humanize pedophiles. Can they be rehabilitated with science? It’s the core question of the film.

I set myself up quickly to get bored with this one. The filmmakers were wise to make this a quick one. It’s a bit dull but the topic is kind of unique. They don’t put any of the criminals on a pedestal. From start to finish, it’s clear they are very bad people. They even openly admit what they did was wrong. It was a bit refreshing but didn’t have me writing a congressman for their release.

What could have made The Castration Cure better

We needed more answers about what happens to men who have undergone the treatment once released. Chemical and surgical castration is symbolic in our culture. We get a lot of bluntness from the way those who have undergone the “treatment” feel after. The only trouble is we only learn about two people who were released. One chose to stay anonymous. The other ended up back in prison for being in the car with a young boy with permission from the child’s father.

More science, as boring as it is, would have helped The Castration Cure. This was more talking to the prisoners about how they feel. Because this is a rare attempt to rehabilitate criminals, information on whether or not it works seems limited. It definitely had an effect on how I felt about the film.

Is The Castration Cure worth watching?

Out of curiosity, yes. Watch it. It’s a weird documentary because of the subject matter. Just do some neck stretches in advance. You’re going to be grossed out at the surgical castration scene.

Overall Score: 6 out of 10

The Castration Cure explores a topic I didn’t even think existed. Morbidly, I recommend it.

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