True Crime Podcast About Baseball and Beer or Maybe the Other Way Around

Last week I went on the closest thing to a true crime podcast I’ve ever been invited to join. Aside from doing the occasional documentary review, I write a ton about baseball. I’ll get invited to go on different podcasts maybe once or twice a year. This email in particular caught my eye because it was a little different.

Hi Tim,

I’m Dorian, host of Hipster Baseball Podcast (on Apple, Google, SoundCloud, and Spotify). I’d like to invite you to join me on the podcast in the next few weeks or month, at your convenience, to talk about the Mets and true crime. The recording session should take about 30 minutes over Zoom. In terms of baseball personnel, I interviewed Travis Persinger, Florida Operations for the Pittsburgh Pirates (ep. 109), Matt Monagan, from (ep. 106), Jair Jurrjens, former Braves All-Star pitcher (ep. 104), Stephanie Apstein, Sports Illustrated Senior Baseball Writer (ep. 101), Carlos Collazo from Baseball America (ep. 99) and Vince Cotroneo, Oakland Athletics’ radio announcer (ep. 97).

Here are some topics I’d like to discuss with you:

· What sparked your love of baseball

·       What you’ve seen from the 2023 Mets and your expectations for the team

·        Why do you love true crime documentaries

Here are some questions I’d like to ask before the end of the recording session: 

· You’re the new MLB Commissioner: what’s one or two things you do with your new powers

· Your go-to local place for a drink/coffee/food in NY

Thank you for your attention.



I replied back eagerly:

Hi Dorian,

This actually sounds a lot more fun than most of the invites I get; podcast or otherwise. I can talk about David Peterson and Michael Peterson? The West Memphis 3 and starting 9 for the Mets?

I’m usually available most days after around 6pm and more so on the weekends. If you have a few times in mind, please let me know. Thanks!

Before most of my podcast appearances I have a conversation in my head of how it’ll go. I’m the most hilarious person. The episode goes viral. People stop me in public and mention how insightful I was. I may have even saved their life!

Although none of my podcast appearances ever live up to those expectations, this was a fun one to talk about baseball and true crime. Give it a listen when you can. It’s called Hipster Baseball Podcast.

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