The Only 5 True Crime Documentaries You Must Watch on Netflix Before Password Sharing Ends

Is it a crime to share your privacy with another person? Netflix thinks so. At some point in early 2023, the password sharing we’ve all come to love is supposed to end. This means no more getting annoyed at the new Netflix homepage and how it doesn’t allow you to view anything other than “what other people are watching.” Who cares what other people are watching or why it always seems to be something Netflix created themselves?

Before it’s all over, watching or rewatching some true crime documentaries is on your to-do list. Time is limited. Which ones are musts?

Netflix True Crime Documentary to rewatch: The Staircase

This is the best one on Netflix. It’ll take you days to get through. It’s bingeable and takes you from the moment the first 9/11 call from Michael Peterson comes in to the moment where he practically admits his guilt; or at least that’s how I interpreted his last line. I write about The Staircase a lot and with good reason. It’s one of the best inside looks at everything except for maybe the victim. Kathleen Peterson really didn’t get much attention at all despite being the victim.

Netflix True Crime Documentary to rewatch: Making A Murderer

You know, despite writing a blog about true crime, I’ve never even seen part two of Making A Murderer. The story of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey has a lot of the same elements as Paradise Lost. Investigators get a potentially false confession from Dassey, the Jessie Misskelley, and use it to take down a man with a reputation who happens to be Avery as the Damien Echols.

Netflix True Crime Documentary to rewatch: Evil Genius

The pizza delivery bomber guy story. This was a true crime documentary I watched before really getting into the genre. I heard it recommended on a sports radio show. It was fantastic. The only problem was I took that same show’s recommendation to watch Locke, a movie about Tom Hardy talking into his phone while driving. Evil Genius was much better.

Netflix True Crime Documentary to rewatch: The Keepers

I believe this is the one on this list I’ve seen the most recently. I watched it in a weird way. I started at episode two after my wife had already seen episode five. Several of the episodes I listened to in the background then rewatched. Somewhere along the way, I caught up with the first episode before finishing. The Keepers is beautifully done. For some reason, it was popular when it first came out then seemed to disappear from the public eye.

Netflix True Crime Documentary to rewatch: Tiger King

Who says true crime has to be all doom and gloom? Tiger King got us through the early stage of the pandemic. It has spawned two sequels and even an unneeded update show hosted by Joel McHale. My temptation to rewatch this comes from the fact that I didn’t really think of it as a true crime documentary when it began. It is. And it’s fabulous.

Netflix does have a couple of other good documentaries, especially newer ones like Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal and Don’t Pick Up the Phone. The Anthrax Attacks is also really good and just a single film. I’m not a huge fan of rewatching films too soon after. The five above have enough distance between my first viewing and any other I may be able to find before Netflix kicks us all through the barbershop window.

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