Practically Trouble is a place for discussing documentaries of the nefarious nature. True crime, natural disasters, and general bad things happening are all up for grabs.

During the pandemic of 2020, I went from listening to 8 hours of sports radio a day to seeking out true crime podcasts. Today, I’ve graduated to syphoning documentaries on an almost daily basis.

Whether dark and twisted, heavily comedic and satirical, or even terrifyingly poorly-produced, my goal with Practically Trouble is to help save other fans of documentaries some time. I’ll write spoiler-free reviews for the audience and you know if it’s worth watching.

I’m not here to discuss the crimes or disasters as much as I want to save you from falling asleep because you picked the wrong documentary. Not all heroes wear capes.

Explanation of Categories:

True Crime – An obvious crime was committed of some nature.

Disasters – Man-made or natural disasters.

Barely Legal – Debatable crimes, disappearances, or nothing unlawful took place at all.

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