The Funniest True Crime Documentary is Casting Jon Benet and You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Laughing

When you watch a true crime documentary, you don’t always expect to laugh. There are often some low-key funny moments in these films or series. Unintentionally funny is one thing. Laugh-out-loud hilariously-awkward is another. That’s where Casting Jon Benet falls. You’ll swear Casting Jon Benet was produced by Ricky Gervais. You’ll watch it waiting for... Continue Reading →

Where The Pez Outlaw Comes Up Short

Everyone has had PEZ at some point in their life. The colorful, long-necked devices which carry the candy is a staple food of some children. The Pez Outlaw documentary tells the story of a man named Steve Glew who worked to smuggle different collectible PEZ dispensers back in the 1990s. The documentary is as advertised.... Continue Reading →

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